Store your photos in style with personalized CD/DVD sleeves that show off the content.
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What You'll Need:
Heavy weight photo paper
Inkjet printer
Double-sided tape
Optional: Graphics editing software

time to complete
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How to Make it:




Download and print the template(s) you like on heavy weight photo paper (glossy or matte). PDF: CD_DVD_templates.pdf
or PNG: (to be used in photo editing software)
CD_DVD sleeve templates_1.zip and CD_DVD sleeve templates_2.zip .

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Cut and Fold the template along the cutting lines. Fold the template on the fold lines to form the sleeve. Use double-sided tape to attach the front to the back.

step 2 image



Add photos: Select and print 2 photos per sleeve that you'd like to show off on the front. Keep in mind that they will be 1-1/2 inch squares. Cut 1-1/2 inch squares out of your photos and attach them to the front.

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Label the sleeve on both the back and the tab, and then slip the CD/DVD inside. If you don't want to use the tab, simply cut it off.

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Variation: Add the photos and labels digitally. You can use a graphics editing program with layers like Photoshop Elements to add the photos and text digitally. Position your photo layers underneath the template layer so that they show through the transparent windows. Use the Text tool to add the list of contents and label to the top layer.






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