Spend time with family
Create a family clock with your favorite photos of family members and seasonal events.
What You’ll Need
Round, battery operated clock
12 small Lucite boxes
Modeling or plastic glue
Clear photo-safe adhesive
13 photos

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Pick your pictures.
Choose 13 photos that fit a central theme: photos of events that correspond to different times of a day, pictures of your child year by year, or a series of photos from your last vacation.
Find your focus.
Remove the plastic face of the clock and glue a photo into the center. (The photo can be cut into an interesting shape like a diamond or circle to help it stand out.)
Add your images.
Crop your other 12 photos to fit the Lucite boxes, then insert the photos into the boxes. Use clear adhesive to affix each photo to the inside of the box, or leave them unattached so you can refresh the artwork as desired.
Assemble your clock.
Glue each box to the outside edge of the clock, with the photos facing forward.
Put it in place.
Hang the clock and enjoy your work.