Naughty or nice, everyone needs a Christmas Stocking. Create these for family and friends or, better yet, throw a party and let everyone create their own!
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What You'll Need:
Large sheets of felt
Photos of the person you’re making the stocking for
Holiday themed photos

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Cut out the felt
Cut the felt pieces into the shape of a stocking
Print your photos
Gather photos of your family and friends.
TIP: Invite people over for a party, take photos for the stockings, and print them right away using a KODAK EASYSHARE Printer.
Add your photos to the felt
Make circle cutouts in the felt and glue photos on the inside so that the pictures are visible through the holes in the stocking.
Glue the stocking together
When both sides are dry, glue the edges of two pieces together to make the stocking.
Add embellishments
Add cording, bells, and tassels and embellish with sequins and beads to have an elegant-holiday keepsake.