Create a picture tree to display your family's highlights of the year for guests and family to enjoy during the holidays.
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What You'll Need:
Sturdy wire (about 4 ft. long) from a craft store or 2 wire coat hangers
Glue (a glue gun is helpful)
12-30 Favorite pictures
Hole punch
Thin string (or fishing line)

time to complete
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How to Make it:

Print your favorites
Print 12 to 30 favorite pictures from the year—from vacations, sports events, parties, or candid shots.
Build a wire pyramid
To build the wire pyramid, cut three 12" pieces of sturdy wire to form the tree "sides." Shape the remaining 12" of wire into a triangle with equal sides to form the base of the pyramid. Take the three 12" lengths of wire and vertically position the ends of each wire inside the 3 corners of the triangle base. While holding the wires together, draw the top of the tree sides together to form the "top" of the tree. Now glue all points of contact: the 3 sides to the triangle corners and the 3 tree sides together to form the treetop.
Tip: you can also use a pre-shaped floral stand found at a garden or craft store and trimmed to about 12" tall.
String up your pictures
While the glued pyramid is drying, punch a hole in the top of each picture. String pictures together, knotting them several inches apart so pictures show when hung. Repeat to create several lines of pictures – you can fit 3-6 strings of pictures on one tree.
Decorate the tree
Tie the end of each string to the top of the tree. Top with a festive ornament or garland. Display in your foyer or kitchen for all to enjoy.