Relive the happy memories by capturing the highlights each month. Create a year-in-review album with monthly pages.
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What You'll Need:
Photo Paper (archival quality preferred)
Scissors or paper trimmer
28-31 small or wallet-sized photos per month
Printable Year-in-Review templates
Acid-free double-sided tape
Archival pen (found at craft and scrapbook stores)
Acid-free number stickers, stamps, or white pen (available at craft and scrapbook stores)
Optional: An 8.5 x 11-inch scrapbook album with 13 clear page protectors
Optional: Graphics editing software

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How to Make it:




Print templates

Download printable PDF version for traditional scrapbooking or PNG files for to be used in a photo-editing software.

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Crop photos

Measure the photo placeholders and crop your pictures to fit the spaces. A paper trimmer makes clean and straight cuts in a snap. You can use the ruler on the trimmer to make your photos the right size, too.



Stick photos

Using the double-sided tape, attach the photos to the templates.



Add dates

Place number stickers on each photo or use a stamp with crafting ink to number the photos. You can also use an acid-free, white scrapbooking pen. Attach number stickers to the photos.

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Add text

Use a pen to write the year on the journaling tag on the right side of pair of pages. Then note information about the photos. Include names, dates, places, and any interesting facts that will help you recall the good time you were having. Years from now, as your memories of the event begin to fade, you'll be glad you took the time to label the pictures!

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Optional: Slip your pages into the page protectors in the album.



Variation: Create your album digitally You can also use a graphics editing program with layers like Adobe Photoshop Elements to complete the album. Position your photo layers underneath the template layer so that they show through the transparent windows. Use the Text tool to add the numbers, dates, and information.





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