A perfect place for kid favorites
Use your kids’ favorite photos to create decorative place mats.
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What You’ll Need
12 pictures per placemat
Poster board or heavyweight craft paper
Hot glue and glue gun or photo adhesive
Decoupage glue or laminator
Paint brush

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Cut it down to size.
Trim the poster board or craft paper to the desired placemat size (14 inches by 19 inches is standard).
Arrange your photos.
Lay out your 12 images on the piece of paper, cropping or rearranging until you’re happy with the look of the placemat.
Put it in place.
Coat the back of each picture with adhesive and place it on the craft paper, carefully smoothing the photo to avoid bumps.
Add your trim.
Glue ribbon to each edge of the placemat to create a finished edge.
Protect your pictures.
Use the brush to apply decoupage glue to the entire placemat or run the project through a laminator to seal it and protect it from spills. (Laminating will help the placemat last longer.)