Capture the magic of a special day in this truly personal gift.
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What You'll Need:
Dry ingredients of a favorite recipe
Pictures of your favorite recipes (see instructions)
Glass Mason jars
Scissors and glue
Printed cotton fabric
Recipe Booklet Template

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Create the Jar
Pick a favorite recipe
Select a favorite family recipe that involves dry and wet ingredients (like cakes and cookies) and make it.
TIP: Gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies work well.
Layer the dry ingredients
In a Mason jar, measure and layer each of the recipe's dry ingredients, making layers with colors and textures (i.e., flour, brown sugar, chopped nuts, chocolate chips).
Cover and close
Cover with printed fabric and screw on top.
Photograph the finished product
Take a picture of the finished product and make a wallet size print of it at a store , online , or at home.
TIP: make multiple prints if you're making several Recipes-in-a-Jar gifts.
Create the Recipe Booklet
Gather recipes and take pictures
Collect 3-4 family recipes you wish to share with friends. Make the dish and take a photo of the finished product.
Follow the recipe booklet template
Make wallet-size prints of each photo.
TIP: if you don't have a picture of the finished product, print out a family picture that reminds you of the dish. For example, a vacation picture from Maine could accompany your recipe for Blueberry Pie.
Print your photos
Download and print the Recipe Booklet Template. Follow the instructions on the template to glue wallet-size photos and write recipes on the corresponding pages.
Assemble the booklet
Assemble the booklet by folding according to the template directions and stapling the seam.
Attach your booklet to the jar
Punch a hole in the upper left corner of the booklet. Slip a ribbon through the hole and tie around the Mason Jar. Your friends will enjoy the recipe in a jar and try your other favorites as well.