Capture the magic of a special day in this truly personal gift.
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What You'll Need:
A picture taken on a memorable day
Mementos from the day (shells, tickets, etc.)
Picture Frame
Glue Stick

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

For the Mementos Picture Frame:
Find a Picture
Make a print of a picture taken on a memorable day. Be sure the picture is the right size to fit the frame.
Arrange Mementos
Arrange mementos around the frame. For example, if you're making a memento from your vacation, choose shells and stones from the beach. Include words or captions in sticker letters or written neatly on card stock.
Glue the Pieces
Glue pieces decoratively on the frame. Clusters of objects look great and add texture.
Insert Picture
Once the glue is dry, insert your picture and relive the moment. This really makes a memorable gift for family and friends.