Bring your photos to life with this fun keepsake bag.
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What You'll Need:
6 Pictures
1 large sheet of colored paper (11”x17”)
Laminator (available at an office supply store)
Glue Stick
Small hole Punch

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Take creative pictures
Take pictures of your dog or “famous” dogs in your family or neighborhood—they’ll be honored to be included.
TIP: Be creative: substitute other pictures of family and friends.
Make prints of your favorites
Make a 4”x6” print of 6 favorite dog photos and lay them out on the colored paper according to our downloadable diagram. You’ll use 2 side-by-side photos for each long side of the bag, and one for each of the short sides of the bag. Orient the photos with the top of the photos touching the edges of the colored paper.
Laminate your prints
Take the entire sheet to your local office supply store for lamination. Trim excess lamination for a neat finish.
Trim the corners
Cut out the 4 excess corners of the sheet (the rectangular corners with no picture on them).
Punch holes along each side
Using the hole punch, punch 4 or 5 holes along each side of the photos so you can bind the edges together.
Fold up the sides of the bag
Then, fold up the sides of the bag until the edges of the photos touch. Lightly score on seams on the bottom with scissors so the sides fold up neatly.
Lace up the edges
Thread ribbon through the holes and lace up the edges of the bag. For an embellished look, tie a small bow at the end of each threaded side.
Attach handles
Punch 4 evenly-spaced holes in top of bag and attach ribbon “handles.”