Spooky Photography

Try these spooky photo ideas to amaze and alarm your friends and family this Halloween.
ghost sitting on couch
ghost standing
Ghostly Images
To make your subject appear transparent and ghostly, set your camera exposure to a longer amount of time, like 8 seconds. When you take the shot, count out loud and have your subject duck out of the picture early, like at 5 seconds if your set to 8. Shooting the pictures at dusk will help keep the images from being blown out because you need a darker setting to avoid overexposure.
ghosts with tree
Double Exposures
Using the same technique of a long camera exposure, have your subject move to a different spot half way through the exposure instead of leaving the frame completely. Then their image will be repeated in the same picture.
ghost walking
Create an Eerrie Scene
For a scarier effect, shoot in black and white mode or desaturate the color image in a photo editing tool afterwards. Black and white photos create a feeling of timelessness and mystery. Try dressing your subjects in vintage clothing like top hats and old white dresses. Add scary props like an ax to complete the frightening scene.