Bring Your Photos to Life
Create a fun little flipbook using video stills and bring your pictures to life!
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What You'll Need:
a video index print or wallet size prints of a sequence of pictures

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Shoot some video
First, turn on the "video print" setting on your digital camera. This setting will create an index print of stills from your video - giving you nine small pictures pulled from the video sequence. Most KODAK EasyShare Digital Cameras have this setting.
Take a short video of a subject that is moving. If you can, shoot two videos one after the other so you get two video index prints, giving you a total of eighteen pictures.
TIP: if your camera does not have the "video print" setting, try taking pictures in sequence that show motion, then print wallet size prints.
Print the video stills
Print the video index print as if it is a 4x6 photo - this will give you nine small photos. If you are printing on an inkjet printer, print both index prints on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of inkjet paper to get a total of eighteen small pictures.
TIP: you can print your stills directly from your camera to a photo printer, though the pictures will be smaller, so the book will also be smaller.
Cut out your video stills
Cut out each small picture.
Put the book together
Stack the pictures in order of the action from beginning to end. Staple them together.
Flip through your book
Flip quickly through the book to see your subject moving.