Decorate your room with modern flair and show off your friends at the same time.
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What You'll Need:
6 pictures of your friends
Stiff poster board
Colored poster board or card stock
Thin string or fishing line
Hole punch

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Print fun pictures of your friends
Print pictures of your friends – some close-ups and some group shots. Download our Friends Mobile template and print it out.
Cut the poster board
Cut stiff poster board to match the size and shape of the 5 "arms" on the template, and cut the pictures to match the size and shape indicated on the template.
Glue the pictures
Glue colored paper on the back of each picture. Once glue is dry, cut the pictures in fun shapes like the ones on the template.
Hang your pictures on the mobile
Punch a hole in the top of each picture and the ends of each mobile arm. Hang pictures on thin string by knotting the string on the arm holes and tying the end through the hole in each picture. Let pictures fall about 3 to 5 inches so they 'hang."
Balance your mobile
If one side of a mobile arm is too heavy, weigh the opposite side of the arm with paperclips or choose another (bigger) picture until the mobile balances.
Display your mobile
Hang from your ceiling for all to see.