Announce that your room is truly yours with a personalized door sign.
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What You'll Need:
Favorite picture of yourself
Colorful poster board
Craft items like beads, stickers, etc. for decorating

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Cut out fun shapes
Cut fun shapes out of poster board. For the example shown, we cut six 5" discs by tracing a mousepad and cutting along the pencil lines.
Glue and label your sign
Glue the pieces together with your photo at the center. Glue together symmetrically or not, depending on your personal style. Label with a marker as you see fit: "Enter with Care" and "My Place" are popular choices.
Hang it on your bedroom door
Decorate with stickers, beads and fun items glued into place. Hang by a ribbon on your bedroom door for all to see.