Start a holiday tradition you'll update with new pictures every year.
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What You'll Need:
Old and new family photos (black & white or color)
Pre-stretched canvas (large enough to mount wreath and pictures; found at an art or craft store)
Faux wreath (sized to fit in center of canvas with 4"-6" free space to edges)
Floral wire (Found at a garden or craft store)

time to complete
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How to Make it:

Print your favorites
Print your favorite family photos.
Make prints of various sizes
Make black & white and/or sepia prints of various sizes (such as wallet-size and 4x6" prints) and various borders (such as white borders for some).
Attach your wreath to the canvas
Center the wreath on the canvas and mount the top edge of it by fastening it with floral wire punched through the canvas. Be sure to keep it loose on the bottom so you can tuck photos under it.
Add your photos
Arrange your photos around the wreath and attach each to the canvas with thumbtacks.
Hang up the wreath
Hang your photo wreath over your mantle or in a prominent place for family and friends to enjoy.