Supplier Diversity: Second Tier Spend Reporting

Second Tier Spend Reporting


Eastman Kodak's Second Tier Program for Minority and Women Owned Businesses exists to maximize opportunities for MBEs and WBEs to participate as suppliers of products and services to Kodak. The Second Tier Program serves as an enhancement to, and not as a replacement for, existing efforts aimed at increasing meaningful opportunities for MBEs and WBEs to participate as First Tier Suppliers.

Definition of Terms

Second Tier purchasing is a relative term in that it is a function of who is the CUSTOMER. From Kodak's perspective, a First Tier supplier is a supplier that invoices Kodak for goods and services rendered directly by that supplier (First Tier). A Second Tier supplier (referencing the CUSTOMER) is a supplier that invoices the First Tier supplier for goods and services rendered.

Direct Spend Second Tier Purchases are defined as Second Tier supplier products and services which CAN be identified in support of Kodak's requirements

Indirect Second Tier Purchases are defined as products and services which CANNOT be identified in support of specific Kodak requirements (for example, office supplies, janitorial services).

Indirect Spend Reporting Method - Use this reporting method when you CANNOT trace MBE and/or WBE expenditures to a specific Kodak requirement. The following formula may be applied to prorate your firm's MBE and/or WBE purchases.


  1. Year to Date Total First Tier Supplier Sales                                                   $1,000,000
  2. Year to Date Sales to Kodak                                                                             $   200,000
  3. Kodak's % of Sales to (#2 divided by #1)                                                                    20%

  4. Year to Date Total MBE First Tier Supplier Purchases                                 $     50,000
  5. Year to Date Total WBE First Tier Supplier Purchases                                $     30,000

  6. Prorated Year to Date MBE Purchases against sales
    (#3 times #4)                                                                                                        $     10,000
  7. Prorated Year to Date WBE Purchases against sales
    (#3 % times #5)                                                                                                   $       6,000

  8. Results of #6 and #7 (where applicable) is reported separately to Kodak for year to date MBE and WBE Second Tier Indirect Spend.

To facilitate reporting and to assure that we are clear on what constitutes a Minority-owned and a Woman-owned business concern, please refer to the Requirements page.

Reporting Guidelines

  1. Second Tier spend, for both Direct and Indirect spend, must be reported no later than the 5th business day of the month.
  2. It is the responsibility of the First Tier supplier to do the due diligence in verifying that their subcontractor(s) is a third party certified minority and/or woman owned business. Certificates must be obtained for potential auditing purposes. The First Tier supplier is required to annually monitor the MBE and or WBE certification to ensure their business classification has not changed.
  3. Minority Owned businesses must only report Women Owned spend, Women Owned businesses must only report Minority Spend, Majority business may report both.

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